Julius Come On Again

CHs BIS BIR BM VICTORY Shih Tzu´s Julius Come On Again <3

Redgold - White, Full Sadel.

PL: 0 / 0. (Both parents: PL: 0/0).

Umbilica Hernia Free - (Both parents: Umbilica hernia Free).

Correct bite, 6/6, Full Teeth. (Both parents: Correct bites, 6/6, Full Teeth)

Eyes Clear.

No Tearing Eyes (No "running" eyes) and No Eye Problems. (Both parents: No Tearing Eyes (No "running" eyes) and No Eye Problems). 

No discolouring.

No Allergies and No Intolerences. (Both parents: No Allergies & No Intolerences).

Normal organ function.





My baby boy Julius, just 9 weeks of puppy cuteness. I love my Julius so much - I knew, from he was born, that he was mine <3