The Shih Tzu Breed Standards

The Shih Tzu comes in two breed standards (well, 3 types really),
the original Shih Tzu Standard, the European FCI Standard which discribes, how a Shih Tzu is suposed to look, behave, move etc.

The AKC Standard is the American standard for the Shih Tzu and
is NOT the real original Breed Standard for the Shih Tzu. America has changed the original FCI Shih Tzu into the AKC Shih Tzu.

America´s first Shih Tzu came from Denmark to the USA in 1968,
Bjørnholkms Pif and became the ansestor of the American and Canadian Shih Tzus. And since America is not a member of FCI, they could change
the Shih Tzu Standard, as they wished and they did. And since the US produces more Shih Tzus than the hole Europe all together and therefore have a big influence on the Shih Tzu Standards of today, that sadly ment, that over time the changed Shih Tzu returned to Europe in both the AKC Standard, but also in the "hybrid standard, which does not exist on paper.

FCI and AKC work together in an agreement to approve each others

In my opinion  the 2 (3) Shih Tzu Standards should be kept 100% apart
both in the show ring, but also in breeding 
- FCI x FCI, AKC x AKC and AKC x hybrid -
otherwise the real and original Shih Tzu will be ruined.

Secondly all this mix of the two Shih Tzu Standards in breeding, makes
it very difficult for puppy buyers to buy the right puppy in their favorite the Shih Tzu Standard.

Thirdly all this mix of the two Shih Tzu Standards in breeding, makes
it very difficult for breeders to breed the type of Shih Tzus, that they want and like, when they don´t know, what might pop up from ansectors´ genes regarding Shih Tzu Standards.

My Shih Tzus are all FCI Standard Shih Tzus.

Happy birthday JULIUS

Happy birthday my sweet and lovely Julius 
- I LOVE YOU SO MUCH !!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3