Happy birthday CASANOVA!!!!

Happy birthday to my sweet, sweet and lovely little baby boy, CASANOVA,      -I LOOOOVEEE him soooo MUCH, I love him through and through!!!!!!!!!! 

Fantastic 4-legged rain coats!

We, both my Sweethearts and I, are pleased with the rain coats with 4 legs from ShihTzuShoppen  www.shihtzushoppen.com  
These rain coats are so amazing, so FANTASTIC! We love them!
They are so light and comfortable, really good quality. My Sweethearts are completely free to move, walk, run around and have the best of fun, and the rain coats  keep them dry, when it rains ect. I also use the rain coats, when it doesn´t rain to protect their full show coats without messing their hair up, or entangle or matting their hair. Fantastic! 

Happy birthday to LINA-VALENTINA!!!!!

Happy birthday to my sweet, sweet and lovely Princess,
Lina-Valentina, - 02.04.2014.
-I really just LOOOVEEEE this fantastic little girl, she is such a Sweetheart <3 <3 <3 <3

-I just wanted to share Lina-Valentinas official birtday picture on our blog too,..... <3 <3 <3 <3 <3