Music for Shih Tzus

I found this  video, "Music for Shih Tzu" by Relax My Dog - Relaxing Music For Dogs playing relaxing music for Shih Tzu (Below).

Wheather it works or not, I don´t know, but the music is designed to relax and calm down Shih Tzus, who are having trouble sleeping or who are being destructive when suffering with separation anxiety or who are affraid and stressed during fireworks at New Year or during thunderstorms and also reduce hyperactivity and help stopping unwanted barking.  

From the description bar (copy - paste):
"This music has been specifically designed for Shih Tzu's who are finding it difficult to calm down and relax, having trouble sleeping or who are being destructive when suffering with separation anxiety. Let us know how the music works for your Shih Tzu!

Relax My Dog are experts in creating relaxing music to help calm your dog and help dogs to sleep. Our music is composed in-house by our team of producers, and uses sound sweep technology designed to relax and calm your dog. If you dog has sleeping problems, anxiety problems or is stressed during fireworks and thunderstorms, you should try our music and watch your dog relax before your eyes!

♫♫♫ Relax My Dog Music on iTunes:

Relax My Dog's music will help to calm and soothe your dog or puppy in a variety of situations. Console whimpering puppies, minimise separation anxiety, reduce hyperactivity, minimise fear of thunderstorms, stop unwanted barking, comfort sick or injured dogs and calm your dog on car journeys - Relax my Dog does it all! 

Relax My Dog's sound sweep technology is the high pitched noise that runs through a lot of our melodies. Many people believe that dogs hear two to three times more than humans - which isn't true. Actually, dogs hear the same as us - just two to three octaves higher. The sound sweep in our music is designed the same as a dog whistle - to hold your dogs attention to the music.

Relax My Dog’s music is unique, and will help in a variety of situations as a substitute for medication. We have helped thousands of dogs and puppies worldwide to sleep and reduce their anxiety. Music therapy for your dog can keep them calm, happy and healthy, and it is a great way to rehabilitate rescue dogs - or just get your puppy or dog used to their new home. 

Being re-homed is an incredibly stressful time for dogs - as they have to get used to a lot of different sights and sounds, as well as their new family and any other pets in the household. We recommend that you play Relax My Dog during this time, and it will help reduce their heart rate and relax them while they explore their new surroundings. No more whimpering puppies - they will get used to your home in no time at all with the help of Relax My Dog's music!

You may be crate training or obedience training, which can be a stressful time for both dog and parent, and our music will soothe your pup making your life easier. Crate training can be one of the hardest things about getting a new puppy - as being trapped in a new space and away from you is very scary for them. However, when listening to Relax My Dog you will notice your puppy start to relax, and get more used to their crate.

It is also very useful to calm your dog during car journeys - which many dogs find a stressful time. They may associate it with vets visits - so we recommend playing Relax My Dog's music before and after visits to the vet to reduce their stress.

The worst time of year for over 60% of dogs is Firework season - the loud bangs are really scary for them and you may notice a huge change in your dog during this time. Thunderstorms are another difficult time for dogs, with the majority of dogs being very scared of storms because of the unfamiliar loud noises. Relax My Dog is the perfect solution to this anxiety inducing situation - just play our firework and thunderstorm playlist to reduce your dogs anxiety and make them feel safe. 

The most common problem we hear is separation anxiety in dogs, they are pack animals and see their owners as their pack - being separated from you can cause severe anxiety in many dogs. Relax My Dog’s music has improved thousands of cases of separation anxiety and barking canines all over the world - just play them our music when you leave to go to the shops or out of the room, and you will notice a lot less barking and whimpering from your four-legged friend!

So whether you have a Pug, Labrador, Pomeranian, Shi Tzu, Terrier or Great Dane - any breed can become relaxed and calm when listening to Relax My Dog. We are also on a number of social media platforms - so join our community and let's chat! We love to hear about and see pictures of your doggies!"

On "Relax My Dog you - Relaxing Music For Dogs" channel you  can find more music for dogs:

VICTORY Shih Tzu, The Summer of 2016.

We hope you all are having a lovely summer, regardless of the weather :-)

We have had about a week of sprin in May and 5 days of summer in July....
....the rest of the time: Rain, rain, a little sun, a little rain, some more rain, some sun, some more rain....  
Rain is so not correct Shih Tzu weather.

Happy birthday Romeo

HIP HIP HURRAAAA - Happy birthday my oh so sweet and lovely
Prince, my very own ROMEO !!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 

How to keep your Shih Tzu summer cool

OH NO, that is so NOT correct!!!! :

It makes me both sad and angry to read this and that people believe, it is true, which it is NOT

  • "Give him a trim.
We know you would not want to say goodbye to your dog’s long, straight and silky hair but you have to let go of it if you want to make sure that your dog will survive the summer heat. That is why you should pay the groomers a visit before the summer comes so you can give your dog the lightweight summer cut that he needs. Do not worry! There are plenty of cuts for you to choose from.
Summer can be fun but the rise in temperature can be a big threat to the health of your dogs. It is up to you to make sure that they are well protected from it."

The Shih Tzu´s long silky hair proctects the dog against the heat (and cold), against the sun´s  harmful uva- and uvb sunbeams, against flies, ticks and insects bites. 

If you can see the dogs skin, so can the sun, insects... ect. ...

Keep your Shih Tzu i full (show) coat, keep him or her mats- and knots free and brush and comb him or her throughly throughrout each and every day removing thr death naturally shed undercoat, so that his or her skin can breath.

The death naturally shed undercoat can ONLY be removed by daily brushing and combing, not by clipping your Shih Tzu´s hair short, as so many mistankenly think or believe.

How to keep your Shih Tzu or other longhaired dog breed cool and healthy in the summertime:

  • Daily brushing and combing revoming then death naturally shed undercoat
  • Keep your Shih Tzu mats- and knots free
  • Keep your Shih Tzu in full coat - let your Shih Tzu keep his or her long silky hair, as they are breed to have for that very reason,  as protection 
  • Don´t clip or cut your Shih Tzu´s hair short.
  • Always let yoru Shih Tzu have free access to fresh water
  • Go for walks in the mornings, when it is still cool from the night or late in the evening, when the temperature has dropped to a pleasent level
  • NEVER leave your Shih Tzu in your others car. That can quickly be deathly for your dog
  • Keep you house cool, so your Shih Tzu can stay cool inside out of the sun 
  • Always check the surface - the ground, where you walk your Shih Tzu with the back of your hand to make sure, that your Shih Tzu do not burn his or her paws

VICTORY Shih Tzu, Come along with us, let´s us go for a walk

VICTORY Shih Tzu, Come along with us, let´s us go for a walk :-)

New VST Banner

I have made a new VICTORY Shih Tzu, (VST) Banner, which I´m really pleased with :-)
I hope you like it too :-)

New video is coming up very sooon ;-)

Lina-Valentina, anniversary of her being part of our family

VICTORY Shih Tzu´s Lina-Valentina <3 <3 <3 <3
Today is Lina-Valentinas and my joint anniversary for her joining our family. I went to picking up her at breeder. I had all her official flying papers, ticket and entry permit to Denmark in order. Lina-Valentina was PERFECT, perfectly trained by Jens to walk at a harness and leash.She had no insecurity, at all!!! We went through Security, where she charmed the security men and smiled at them. We arrived at home, she said hello to her new brothers, went in the garden, in to her own little garden (an old kennel trick), did what she had to do, went out of her little garden and in to the house. THE PRINCESS HAD ARRIVED!!!!
I simply just LOOOOVED my little red with mask girl, SHE IS SO FANTASTIC!!!