Tearing Eyes, Tear Stains and Discolouring

Tearing eyes, Tear Stains underneath the eyes  and discolouring of 
the beard and moustache, paws and private areas 
- causes, how to prevent it and how to get rid of it.

Tearing eyes, tear stains and discolouring is very common
and so very easy to avoid, prevent and to get rid of.

Tearing eyes, tear stains and discolouring are always a sign,
a symptom of something is wrong, either it is caused by illness or a wrong life style. 

Remove the causes and the tearing eyes, tear stains 
and discolouring will go away within 3 - 9 mounths
depending on, how bad it is and what it is caused by
without any use of fancy, smart or expensive products.

Often people will focus on removing the discolouring, the symptom
that something is wrong instead of removing the causes to make
the problems go away all together forever, which is, what you really

  • Dog food, both dry dog food, kibble, wet dog food and dog treats*
  • The hair around, underneath and above the eyes being cut short**
  • Tab water***
  • Bowls for water and food made of plastic, stainless steel and ceramics****
  • Inhereditary breed related eye diseases
  • Eyes diseases and damage to an eye*****
  • Teeth changing******
  • Closed or narrow nostrils - inhibitd airways*******
  • Allergy and intolerence********
  • Illness
  • Recurring ear problems, ear diseases.
*Dog food both dry dog, kibble and wet dog food and dog treats are
inapropiate for dogs. 
Dog food (and treats) are rendered processed food, which contain way way too much carbohydrats, that turn into sugar within 20 minutes after the dog has eaten the food, which is so unhealty to dog.
Furthermore dog food contain Premix, which are synthtic vitamins, minerals, taurin etc., which are chemicals, which need to be added to the food to compensate for the lack of nutrition both in the ingrdients to 
begin with and the manufacturing, that damage nutrition in the ingredients regardless of the quality of the ingredients before making
the dog food. Premix is made in China. 
Premix might be mixed togther e.g. Germany, but every ingrdients
in a Premix is made in China. Don´t be fooled by what it says on the
label of the dog food og dog treats.

Also much dog food contain heavy metals, probably in the Premix.

Dog treats are just as bad as dog food, it is bad quality at best,
or even toxic like chicken jerky, dug jerky etc., which are anything but
meat, they are just toxic chemicals and rawhides, which also are toxic.

The Golden Rule, only serve and give your dog human food - 
food - treats - ingredients, which have a quality, that you will 
eat yourself.
Would you eat dog food or dog treats ?.... Probably not....

- Dog food and dog treats also cause irritated skin and paws,
licking of the paws, hotspot and ear infection.  


All Shih Tzu (except the Shih Tzu Prapso) are a longhaired dogs 
and they need their long hair to protect their skin and regulate their
body temperatur, to stay cool in the summer, to stay warm in the winter,
to protect their skin from the sun´s harmful UVA and UVB sunbeams,
fleas, ticks, insects, mosquitos etc. ....
And Shih Tzu need their facial hair not to be cut short. They need their
beard, moustache and top knot hair to be long to protect their eyes 
from dust, dirt, wind, sun, foreign bodies and also to protect their nose,
lips, cheecks and facial skin against the same things. So do not cut your
Shih Tzu´s hair around his / her eyes - just leave the hair to grow out.

So a Shih Tzu with short hair around his / her eys is a Shih Tzu with
unprotected eyes and unprotected eyes are tearing eyes.  

The Shih Tzu is a longhaired dog and cannot be treated as a short
haired dog.  


If your Shih Tzu and other longhaired dog breeds drink tab water,
that can cause tearing eyes, discoloured eye area, discoloured beard
and moustache, discoloured paws and discoloured hair around private
area due to the high content of minerals, ocher and pesticides.

Instead only serve bottle water (not distilled water) to your Shih Tzu.


When choosing food bowls or plates for your Shih Tzu and other 
longhaird dog breeds, only choose bowls and plates which are made
of porcelain or glas - never plastic, ceramic or stainless steel.

Plastic, ceramic and stainlees steel can not be cleaned properly.
Over time the surface is no longer 100 % intact and that means
bacterias can live / hide in tiny cracks in the surface.

Shih Tzu and other longhaired dog breeds should only drink water 
from a dog drinking-water spout /sipper bottle either hanging 
on the wall or on a water stand, because only this way the water
stays clean and the beard and moustache stay dry.

In a water bowl the water does not stay clean, once a dog has been
drinking from the bowl, the water or bolw is no longer clean.
Un-clean water or water bowl cause tearing eyes, tear stains and

coming up ******
coming up *******
comimg up

VICTORY Shih Tzu´s Lina-Valentina <3 
- right after she has eaten her dinner <3 :-)

I get asked a lot:  "What do you do with their long hair, moustache,
beard, ears, topknot hair and chest hair, when they eat ?"

Answer: "My Sweethearts wear a human child bandana (my boys) or
a human child bib (my girl) around their neck as Lina-Valentina does in the
picture above, it keeps the hair in order and away and as soon as they
have finishing eaten, I remove the bandana / bib and their long hair
is clean and tangle-free as always" :-)
Problem solved :-)  

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