Kessy May Shining Star

Kessy May Shining Star <3

Solid Red with Black Mask.

PL: Too young. (Both parents: PL: 0/0).

No Umbilica Hernia - (Both parents: No Umbilica hernia).

Puppy teeth, Correct bite, 6/6, Full Teeth. (Both parents: Correct bites, 6/6, Full Teeth)

No Allergies and No Intolerences. (Both parents: No Allergies & No Intolerences).

No Tearing Eyes (No "running" eyes) and No Eye Problems. (Both parents: No Tearing Eyes (No "running" eyes) and No Eye Problems).

06.03 - 03.05. 
Love you my little baby girl, so much.<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 
You are in my heart, mind, body & soul 
and I think of you ever day. 
You are so missed, words can not express <3

I carry you in my heart
I carry your heart in my heart <3 

... a little butterfly brings love.... <3