VICTORY Shih Tzu Shows

VICTORY Shih Tzu, My Champions - I have shown them a lot
and they have always won, gotten great critics and nice words from 
the judges (and their vets ) and always they make me to proud <3 :-)

CHs BIS BOB VICTORY Shih Tzu´s Romeo ban-Chun

CHs BIS BOB VICTORY Shih Tzu´s Julius Come on Again

CHs BIS BOB BM VICTORY Shih Tzu´s Casanova Oliver Fido Felix

CHs BIS BOB BOS BF VICTORY Shih Tzu´s Lina-Valentina Olivia Sophy

CHs  = Champions (has won several Champion titles) 
CH    = Champion
BIS   = Best In Show    the same as:  BOB = Best Of Breed
BOB  = Best Of Breed     the same as:  BIR = Bedst i Race 
BOS  = Best Of Opposite sex / Gender   the same as
                                                 BIM = Bedst i Modsatte Køn
BM  = Best Male
BF   = Best Female

:-) :-) ;-)