My own Bow:-)

VICTORY Shih Tzu, my very own BOW!!!
A couple of weeks ago or so I got this beautiful and elegant bow from
"a fan of VICTORY Shih Tzu" from Italy - just like that-:-))))
It is no secret, that I love bows, hearts (ect.) not only for myself
but also for my Sweethearts, and that my Shih Tzus are
always wearing bows, hearts, pearls, something pretty in their hair
not only at shows, but also always on a everyday wednesday.
I don´t know, if I may mention your name online, so I won´t,
 but if you are reading/seeing this:
I just loooove this bow, you have sent me, I have practicallly
been wearing it every day:-))))
I have sent you a letter.....
Love from Victoria & VICTORY Shih Tzu

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