VST Knowlegde is POWER and VST Dog Treats

VICTORY Shih Tzu - Knowlegde is power ! <3 <3 <3 <3

You may know or you may not know, since June 2016 I have been
researching and I am still researching dogs nutrition, dog food, dog treats and the dog food - and dog treat industry. 

My Sweethearts have always only eaten my home cooked human grade
human food, never dog food, since I don´t believe in dog food, 
- never have, never will - dog food make no sense and all the facts, I have
found during my ongoing researched, have only proven that. Sadly.

I did use to buy dog treats for my Sweethearts, but not any longer.
Now I also make my Sweethearts treats, ©VST Dog Treats
made by 100% quality human grade human food ingredients, 
no preservatives and no chemicals. And my Sweethearts and other
dogs LOVE the ©VST Dog Treats BIG TIME !!! :-) :-) :-)

©VST Dog Treats, 100% Chciken Breast Fillet, 520 grams and 280 grams.

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