New features on our webside & blog

Hi everybody :

VICTORY Shih Tzu are wishing you all a very happy 
weekend from Denmark <3 <3 <3 <3 , where we today are 
having heat wave day no. 45 (I believe...) is HOT ;-) , 
but we have found some energy to update VST`s webside & blog 
with some new features :-)

Now you can "Subscribe to VICTORY Shih Tzu"

"Follow VICTORY Shih Tzu by email" has been added, so now you can sign up and get updates by email :-)

Also VICTORY Shih Tzu`s pages on Instagram and Facebook are now
our webside&blog + a Youtube button to VST`s Youtube channel, 
so nice :-)
Regarding the Youtube button, I will be editing or changing that into
a prober display and link to my Sweethearts Youtube channel, but today
"it" would not teamwork with me, but I did try, I´ll try again ;-)  

Update, some of the features can only be seen in the internet / webside
version, so if you are wisiting ou on your mobile, click on the "button" all
the way down at the button of the blog version and change to the webside / internet version and you can see both webside and blog at the
same time :-)

xoxoxo Love from VICTORY Shih Tzu <3 <3 <3 <3

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