The truth about dog food

Daily I get asked, "what is the best dog food for 
my Shih Tzu / my dog ?"

The answer : "Do not serve dog food of any kind for your
shih Tzu / dog. Dog food is / are at best inappropriate for dogs
and at worst life-threatening for dogs, e.g. bladder disease, 
bladder crystals and bladder stones are caused by dog food.

Serve only human food for your shih Tzu / dog,
served the human home cooked (which I do)
or raw (many Shih Tzu do not do well on raw food, because 
it upsets their stomach). Only serve human food in a quality,
that you will actually eat yourself and give to your human child.

My dear dog parents and followers, educate yourselves !

Begin here watch this documentry, "Pet fooled"

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